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Platform Management

Integrated IT Management Software

Helping you deliver the best in IT Service...

Single solution management

IT Management involves a wide range of processes and tasks in ever increasingly complex IT environments.

Incit Technology supplies the world’s leading IT Management and Service Management automation solutions that enable customers to enhance and simplify IT service delivery and reduce IT costs.

The products not only address individual requirements - Inventory, Deployment, Service Desk etc. - but  are integrated together which means

Automation of build, configuration, maintenance, patching, remote assistance, monitoring nd migration of computing devices.

Software Management

Software Identification, Packaging,  Delivery,  patching, monitoring streaming/virtualising. Software library and license management.


Asset Management management

Inventory, Non discoverable management, metadata and status, asset associations, financial and contract management, Barcoding

Service and Process Management

IT and other service desks, Change and other ITIL processes, Password Reset and other service request, knowledge management.

integrated together into single solutions.

Integration provides considerable additional ease of use and productivity advantages, helping further improve service delivery and cost reduction.