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License Management and 
Software Lifecycle Management

Although there are a number of suppliers who claim their software can verify license compliance there are very few who support the breadth and complexity of the real world licensing landscape.  This means most cannot actually determine true compliance and can even give results which are simply just wrong.

Being able to identify an application is not enough. One must be able to identify a licensable product which may contain many applications and then be able to understand the license status from the license purchase history, the rights these licenses currently confer and the way these rights are calculated to be consumed, to determine true license compliance status.

Given there are half a dozen or so base license types and over 75 different ways vendors determine license consumption, many different ways software can be delivered, thousands upon thousands of software developers, many different types of license agreement which regularly change, and complex licensing rules and that often rights are determined by nothing more than a product SKU, automating license reconciliation is very challenging  indeed that requires considerable investment and commitment.

The Matrix42 license intelligence service currently holds over 1,000,000 application fingerprints, 330,000 product SKU’s and associated license rights, 25,000 product suites and products from over 6,500 different developers. This is a number that is growing daily and is driven directly by information from customers


Matrix42 compliance solution integrates not only with its own software tools but also with leading solution like SCCM and Altiris.

Maintaining Software License compliance is a legal necessity but is hugely complex and challenging in practice. With over 60% of organisations likely to face an audit every year implementing a solution that really does make license compliance simple can make a big difference while enabling you to optimise software license costs.

Most organisations appreciate the need to maintain software license compliance - that is ensuring one has licenses for the software one uses and that one keeps to the terms of these licenses. However the complexities of license management are such that most struggle to understand their licensing position let alone maintain a system that enables them to report on their compliance status at a ‘push of the button’.


And yet organisations are increasingly being audited by software vendors so that now over 60% can expect to be audited by some vendor or another each year.


Matrix42 is one of only a few who provides a truly comprehensive license compliance solution that not only identifies software products and their use but matches this against a database that understands specific license agreements in use and the rights these confer, to determine a true compliance position.


The License Intelligence Service gathers and collates data from a variety of sources, including customer systems to help ensure compliance calculations are accurate and up to date, and require minimal user input.


The solution also supports software delivered through Terminal Services/Citrix environments and can help optimise license costs by identifying underused and over-licensed software and unnecessary maintenance contracts. This can be even more effective when used alongside a licensing expert.

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More than just license compliance...

Managing license compliance is just one aspect of software lifecycle management. Matrix42’s license compliance solution forms part of an IT Management solution suite for managing software, assets and physical, virtual and mobile platforms.


Its FREE Service Desk and Service Catalogue enables you set up and manage the processes for managing software requests and support, while it also offers integration with software packaging, delivery and patching. Combine this with advanced asset and contract management and one has a complete software lifecycle management toolset.

The challenge and its solution...

How we make it work and ISO 19770

With well over a decade’s experience of helping customers with license audits and license compliance requirements Matrix42 and Incit Technology have developed a well defined and very successful process that will help bring your license compliance under control and minimise the time you need to spend on this. Added to this the solution will enable you to achieve ISO 19770 - the ISO standard for license compliance management which will in turn make it less likely you will be audited.

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