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Conquering the Challenges

of License Compliance


Morning Seminar


Thursday 11th June 2015

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There are many obstacles to ensuring software licence compliance. However, with the risk of fines and reputational damage, you need to be certain that you can pass an audit with flying colours.  But how do you conquer the licence compliance challenge?  Join a panel of leading licence compliance experts for a morning of practical advice and best practice guidance on navigating the licence compliance maze.  


9:30   - Welcome and coffee

10:00  - Understanding the challenges in license compliance management - Incit Technology

10:30 - The top 10 gotcha’s in Microsoft licensing  - Licensing School

11:10  - Coffee

11:30  - Compliance in practice - Matrix42

12:10  - Q&A and close

Licensing School provides a new approach to learning and understanding the rules around Microsoft software licensing.  As licensing continues to evolve and become more flexible, it also becomes more complex. Licensing School has built its reputation on developing training resources which remove complexity and deliver simple and clear explanations.


In this seminar, Licensing School will look at the top ten gotchas that often leave organisations in a state of non-compliance, and will share good practice on how you can reduce this risk in your business.


Incit Technology is a specialist in IT Management software. It has spent over 10 years helping organisations gather, collate and maintain the information used to determine license compliance status.


In this seminar, Incit Technology will discuss the  practical challenges in managing license compliance, from understanding licenses and entitlements through to determining license consumption, and will suggest basic good practice in both the use of tools and process to simplify software license compliance management.

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Matrix42 has helped hundreds of customers, from small to very large, with their license compliance management. Although a developer of license compliance software, they will be talking in this seminar about the business processes and organisational requirements for successfully managing license compliance, and how to introduce these.  Their experience in doing this in many different types of organisation makes this an interesting and valuable session.

Added to this their experience in maintaining a huge database of software license information and software fingerprints, gives customers expertise and knowledge they can tap into to simplify license compliance management.

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