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License Compliance and Mobility

The real challenges and how to meet these




Thursday 11th June 2015

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License Compliance management has always been challenging but mobile devices and virtualisation are making it even harder. Licensing models are changing as quickly as mobile device technology and becoming more complex, while mobile device management tools have sprung up aplenty but are varied, complex and rarely offer integration with license compliance tools.


The result? An environment that is difficult to understand, keep up with, and know how to deal with… In short a big headache.



Join us on 11h June where a panel of license compliance and mobility experts will, over the course of a day, share advice and best practice guidance on navigating the license compliance and mobility management maze.

Agenda 9:30-4:00


Welcome and coffee

Understanding the challenges in license                  compliance management - Incit Technology

The top 10 gotcha’s in Microsoft licensing  - Licensing School

Compliance in practice - Matrix42


What history teaches us about the future of MDM - Incit Technology

How Microsoft licensing is changing to address the mobile world and what this means - Licensing School

Simplifying mobility management and integrating this with the rest of ITSM - Matrix42


Licensing School provides a new approach to learning and understanding the rules around Microsoft software licensing.  As licensing continues to evolve and become more flexible, it also becomes more complex. Licensing School has built its reputation on developing training resources which remove complexity and deliver simple and clear explanations.


In this seminar, Licensing School will look at the gotchas that often leave organisations in a state of non-compliance and will cover how Microsoft licensing is changing to embrace the mobile world and what this means.


Incit Technology is a specialist in IT Management software. It has spent over 10 years helping organisations improve their IT management capabilities and License compliance management.


In this seminar, Incit Technology will look at the practical challenges in managing license compliance, and the current hype surrounding Mdm solutions  to highlight what are the real challenges and requirements for both of these. It will then suggest best practise approaches to addressing these.

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Matrix42 is a leading European developer of IT management software and have helped hundreds of customers address their license compliance and Mobile Device Management requirements. However in this seminar they will be talking about the business processes and organisational requirements for successfully managing license compliance, how to introduce these, and how  MDM will mature and become part of and fully integrated with the main IT management management environment.  Their experience in these fields working with many different types of organisation makes these interesting and valuable sessions.

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